Hi! We’re working on a better way to plan travel.

Because getting away should be easy.

Weekndr is a travel app that helps you search for weekend travel based on the experience you want to have. Using our app, you can search for trips based on your budget, travel companion, activity and event preferences.


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Weekndr aims to change the way people search for travel.


The key to planning a great trip is to start off by focusing on the experience rather than the destination. Instead of choosing a great place and then looking for things to do, flip the process and look for the things you want to do and narrow down a location. This might seem like a daunting task requiring many different sites and hours of search to sift through the noise and find the best trip for you, which is why we decided to create a personalized destination search engine.

 Weekndr is an app that lets you search for trips at your price point within the next 60 days based on your activity and event preferences.


Lauren Dawson, Business Co-Founder 

Emory University, Goizueta MBA ’17 with 5+ years in hospitality industry experience in digital marketing and HR roles, Lauren has a great understanding of the guest experience and digital travel landscape. Lauren also has start up experience on both sides of the scale through a 7 month internship at Calendly, a high growth start up in Atlanta and a 3 month internship at LinkedIn in the Bay Area. While studying at Goizueta, Lauren won Pitch the Professor competition and received residency at the Goizueta Entrepreneurship Hub at Atlanta Tech Village for Weekndr. 
Paul Dawson, Technical Co-Founder 

MIT ’15 Mechanical Engineering Graduate with Full Stack Web Development experience. During his undergraduate career, Paul worked with a Phd student to program a Google Glass app that could deliver player stats from sites like ESPN. He has technical experience at a high growth medtech start up and a leading ecommerce retailer.